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Travel and Transport Strategy – phased implementation to commence (changes likely to affect University staff)

Announcement from Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

It is generally agreed that the current parking situation at our Oxford hospital sites is untenable.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed through the recent staff travel and transport survey and the drop-in event at the John Radcliffe. 

The Trust’s first priorities are to: 

  1. Improve access for patients and visitors 
  2. Eliminate dangerous and obstructive parking
  3. Ensure that only staff who hold a valid permit park at our hospital sites
  4. Introduce alternative travel plans and incentives to assist non-permit holders in their commute.

From 1 August 2016, traffic enforcement measures will be applied to all vehicles parking on double red and yellow lines.  If unclear, these parking terms and conditions are displayed on signage when entering hospital grounds, or please contact

From 31 August 2016, a new OUH Staff Travel and Car Parking Policy will be introduced which covers:

  • Car share initiatives
  • Car Pooling Spaces
  • Personal Travel Plans
  • Outcomes of discussions with public transport providers
  • Plans for incentives and discounts to use transport other than private cars to the hospital site, such as Park and Ride.

As part of this revised Policy, eligibility for staff parking permits will change and current permit holders may find they are not eligible once their existing permit expires.  In this situation, the Trust will issue a two-month temporary permit to allow time to make alternative travel arrangements.  The Trust is also removing the purchase of parking “day passes” each month which will be available to buy until 22 August for use by 31 August.  The Travel and Transport Team can offer a personal travel planning service to help find alternative methods of travel.

Anyone who is currently eligible for a permit but parks without one should apply before 31 July if they wish to continue to park on site.  Renewals should take place at the normal time.  Application forms are available via the intranet at or from one of our Car Parking Offices

Please note permit fees are not currently under review so costs remain the same until further notice. 

We thank you for your continued cooperation and for all the positive feedback to the Travel and Transport Team who are working extremely hard to improve access to our hospital sites for everyone. We know that the introduction of this Staff Travel and Car Parking Policy will not be easy for many who have come to rely on their car, but we have to reduce the number of cars coming on to site and we have to give our patients priority.  For this reason, the Trust asks all staff and stakeholders not to park in patient car park spaces and to seek assistance for an alternative.

For more information please contact