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The centrally managed email and calendaring service (that is part of the Nexus service provided by IT Services) is being moved to the hosted cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service.  A pilot is being planned to start in July, to test the migration process and support model, while the remaining email accounts are scheduled to be moved to the new service between September and December 2017.

The move to Office 365 in the cloud will bring users:

  • A much increased mailbox quota – up to 50GB from 2-3GB.
  • An easier mechanism for downloading up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office 2016 to your personal machines, for personal use, whilst a member of the University.

The project team is planning how the change will be implemented with as little disruption as possible, so meetings have been held with Nexus end users (both staff and students). Meetings are also being held with ITSS (IT support staff) representatives from the divisions and the colleges. 

The Information Security team has worked closely with the project to ensure the Office 365 cloud service meets the University’s information security requirements and we will be introducing additional security tools to further improve email protection for users. For further information see and, if this does not answer your query, email the project team via