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To minimise the administrative burden on researchers, the Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee (MS IDREC) no longer needs to be informed of the addition of a new member of the research team to a study that has already received ethics approval.  However, the MS IDREC will still need to be notified if a new Principal Investigator (PI) is appointed to the study. 

Please note the exception to the above - if your study required Health Research Authority (HRA) approval due to involvement/use of NHS staff or NHS premises, then you must still notify the sponsoring organisation, the Clinical Trials and Research Governance (CTRG) team first- by submitting a minor amendment form, CV(s) for new research team member and any other modified study documentation for sponsor review and then to the HRA for approval.  Details for HRA submission will be provided, following sponsor review and authorisation. 

It will be the responsibility of the PI to ensure that researchers working under their ethics approval have adequate training, including in research ethics.  It is recommended that a record of training for all researchers be kept with study documents.  CUREC application forms for ethical approval of studies have been revised to include statements about PI responsibility for training of researchers.

This change takes effect from March 1st 2017.