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Posted on behalf of Bodleian Libraries

Until this year the libraries subscribed to a database package known as “CSA Proprietary Databases”. This included a range of databases across all subject areas including many in biomedicine, life sciences and physical sciences.

However, CSA have repackaged their products. The proposed cost to MSD of the new “Biological Sciences Database” collection is several thousand pounds higher than the MSD share of the previous package.

Due to this increase in cost we have delayed renewing the subscription from Jan 1st 2018 whilst we consult on its value with our colleagues in the MSD. Please note that this is not a notice of a permanent cancellation.

Current usage is low to medium at best - only some titles have usage at more than 800 abstracts viewed per year.  We have access to some of these databases (e.g. Medicine and Toxnet) via other routes and there is some overlap between the content of the CSA databases and other databases that we will be retaining.

As part of this process, we’d welcome any initial feedback you may have on the importance of these titles to your work. Please respond to Edina Pillok, the BHCL Collections Manager, at by 31st January 2018.

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