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A team, made up of researchers from Saïd Business School and Nuffield Department of Medicine, are conducting a research study funded by the Oxford-Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund that hopes to learn from individual academic experiences about the mechanisms that can foster and promote a diverse academic community at Oxford. They are keen on hearing the career narratives of academics at transition points in their careers and comparing the experiences of under-represented groups with those of the majority population.


You could be a postdoctoral researcher, junior or senior research fellow, lecturer, associate professor or professor. You will be employed by the Collegiate University which includes the four academic divisions (Humanities, MPLS, Medical Sciences or Social Sciences), the Garden, Libraries and Museums (GLAM), and the Conference of Colleges (38 Colleges & Permanent Private Halls).


Participation will entail signing a consent form, completing a demographic questionnaire, sending a copy of your CV, and undertaking a 1.5-hour interview in person or via Skype at a date and time that is convenient for you. The interview will discuss the expectations you have from your career, and how your individual circumstances and work environments have affected your academic career progression at the University.


Hearing your views, experiences, and opinions will help the team understand what training, support and attitudinal shifts the University can foster to promote a diverse academic community at Oxford. 


For further information on the research, please read the Study Information Sheet here.


If you would like to ask questions before deciding to take part, please contact Dr Mahima Mitra at


To book an interview, please visit    

If the provided times do not suit, please email so that we can schedule you in.