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AfOx Visiting Fellowships 

The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) invites applications for the 2019 AfOx Visiting Fellowships Program. The AfOx Visiting Fellows Program is designed to enhance academic mobility and network building. The program supports African scholars and researchers working over various areas to spend periods of flexible time in Oxford.

There are four fellowship schemes to apply for this year: The AfOx Collaborative Fellowship, The AfOx-ASC Fellowship, The AfOx Law Fellowship and The AfOx TORCH Fellowship.

Application deadline, Friday 25 January 2019

Find out more and apply


Insaka book launch

AfOx will also be having an insaka book launch edition on Friday 1 February, 2019 5pm @ St.Cross college.

The AfOx insaka is a gathering for sharing ideas and knowledge about Africa-focused research with speakers from diverse and varied academic disciplines.
There are two events each term. On Friday of Week 3, and Friday of Week 7.

On Friday 1 February 2019, 5pm, at St.Cross College we will be joined by Nanjala Nyabola. She will talk us through her ground-breaking work in Kenya and her new her book ‘Digital democracy, Analogue Politics, how the internet era is transforming Kenya.’

Register here