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The County Council reports that the Access to Headington work at Marsh Lane has progressed well over the summer overcoming major complications with utility diversions and groundwater. It has also been sharing the JR main entrance site with Southern Gas to ensure that this area is only dug once. Both sites are now in their final phases.

There will be overnight closures in October for re-surfacing at Marsh Lane and the JR Main Entrance and these will be publicised as soon as the Council gives the Trust the dates and times. Once the resurfacing is complete, Staunton Road will be opened up and the traffic management removed from Marsh Lane and the JR Main Entrance.

It has all taken longer than anticipated, but the Council reports that the whole section from Marsh Lane to London Road is still on track to finish in March.



The County Council is resurfacing the east bound A40 Marston slip road from the A40 Northern Bypass, (the exit to JR if you are coming from Summertown towards Headington with the JR on your right).  

This slip road will be completely closed 8:00pm – 6:00am:

Friday 28 September and Tuesday 2 October – Friday 5 October.  The westbound slip road is not affected.

There will also be work on the verges Monday 1 October – Friday 5 October, from 10:00am – 3:00pm, but this should not impact traffic flow.