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Posted on behalf of the European Team, Research Services

The 2018 ERC Consolidator call opens on 24 October and has a 15 February deadline.

The European Team is running two identical application workshops for prospective Consolidator Grant applicants in November and we would be grateful if you could advertise these dates widely as appropriate within your Departments.

Our CoG factsheet will be revised and available through the Gateway to Europe webpages by 24 October.  Details of the two workshops are:

Wednesday 1 November – 2pm to 4pm,  in the Sherrington Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in the Parks Road Science Area  (see map)

Friday 10 November – 10am to 12 noon in Room B at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics on the Old Road Campus, Headington (see map)

Attendees of all disciplines and all Departments/Faculties are welcome.

Registration is already open by doodle poll so please feel free to pass the dates on as appropriate.


NEW!  Workshop for Facilitators

This year we have amended our main presentation to applicants to focus particularly on what makes an excellent application.

We are introducing an additional CoG workshop specifically for people in Departments who will be supporting this year’s applications - Departmental Administrators, Research Facilitators, Finance officers ….  This workshop will cover budgeting and administrative issues relevant to ERC applications in some detail and will also provide guidance for those supporting ERC applications (evaluation criteria etc). There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and for sharing experience. Details of this workshop are:

Friday 3 November – 10am to 12 noon in Meeting Room 3, University Offices, Wellington Square (map)

Please use this doodle poll (Facilitators only) to register your attendance.