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Medical research is a very intense, focused activity, and career planning can take a back seat. Yet the reality is that those who engage early tend to make happier and smoother moves into the next role. Booking an appointment with a Careers Adviser is a great way to begin exploring your ideas for after the DPhil or postdoc, get some practical input on applications, or simply to take a moment to pause and think  ‘where am I, and where might I want to go next…?’

We will help you identify some achievable next steps and to understand how the Careers Service can support you as you proceed. These include a huge variety of events to help you meet people working in sectors where research skills are valued, hands-on programmes to develop your core employability skills and workshops to help you hone your written application and interview techniques.

Appointments are offered to DPhil students and contract research staff (grade 6 and above), including postdocs, at The Careers Service, 56 Banbury Road every week and can be booked using your CareerConnect account (accessed via  We also offer appointments in two Headington venues on specific days, as below.  Please phone reception at the Careers Service 01865 274646 to make a booking for Headington slots, or for advice on booking in Banbury Road.


Date: Wed 23 May

Location: The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, JR Hospital, OX3 9DS

Time slots available:

09:00 x 2

09:30 x 2

10:00 x 2

11:00 x 2

11:30 x 2


Date: Thu 14 June

Location: Old Road Campus Research Building (Oncology), Roosevelt Drive, OX3 7DQ

Time slots available:

13:00 x 2

13:30 x 2

14:00 x 2

15:00 x 2

15:30 x 2