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  1. To be the Trust's designated main contact with bodies such as the Charity Commission, HMRC, the Trust's legal advisors, auditors, bankers, investment managers, property advisors and to maintain regular contact with them, as appropriate.
  2. Support the Board in the appointment and induction of new trustees.
  3. Arranging and coordinating meetings of the trustees (including via Zoom where appropriate):
    a) Annual General Meeting (May) - preparation of agenda, reports and minutes
    b) Regular Meeting (November) – review of activity and strategy
  4. Provision of advice to trustees on good governance and the drafting and maintenance of Trust policies, in line with the Charity Governance Code.
  5. Maintaining close contact with the auditors, principally in respect of the preparation of the working papers for the Annual Accounts and the Annual Report:
    a) Reconciliation/analyses of the bank accounts
    b) Investment register reconciliation
    c) Annual reconciliation of grants movements with the OUH and agreement of the year-end debtor balance
    d) Resolving audit queries throughout the year-end process
    e) Assisting in the preparation of the Annual Report, Annual Accounts and supporting letters.
  6. Maintenance of the Charity Commission website and the completion and submission of the Annual Return.
  7. Maintenance of an on-line document and finances storage platform for the use of the trustees and secretary. Preparation and maintenance of the NOHF cash flow forecast.
  8. Liaising with the Trust's Bank and processing all banking transactions, with appropriate authorisation, using online facilities where possible.
  9. Grants processing:
    a) correspondence with applicants for further clarification and required documentation
    b) correspondence following the awarding grants and regular follow-up to ensure ongoing progress in spending
    c) assisting grant holders in the preparation of grant reports for submission to the trustees. Ensure approval by the Nuffield Medical Trustees.
  10. Maintenance of the Charity Commission website and the completion and submission of the Annual Return.
  11. Assist the trustees in progressing the Wintringham JV arrangements, including attendance at formal meetings (including 1 Wintringham LLP), liaising with the Nuffield Dominions Trust, Oxford University and legal advisors.
  12. Maintenance of insurance policies.

February 2022