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The Board’s Athena SWAN Steering Group performs an oversight and co-ordination function on all areas of equality work in relation to gender in respect of students and staff.


Chair: Professor Dame Kay Davies



Professor Irene Tracey

Professor Andy Carr

Professor Matthew Freeman

Professor Damian Tyler

Ms Gerry Pocklington

Mr Chris Price

Dr Vasiliki Kiparoglou


Co-opted members:

Dr Peggy Frith

Professor Sue Ziebland

Professor Alison Halliday

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the Medical Sciences Board on all areas of equality work in relation to gender in respect of students and staff. In particular, the Group will:
    • Advise the Board on appropriate gender equality objectives, and on any targets to be associated with those objectives.
    • Monitor progress in achieving the objectives.
    • Advise the Board on targeted initiatives needed to address the representation of women or men.
    • Monitor the progress of such initiatives.
  2. In relation to Athena SWAN, the Group will:
    • Oversee the progress of departments in their submissions for Athena SWAN awards.
    • Monitor progress in achieving common divisional actions including but not limited to; recruitment, retention and progression for students and staff, leadership and career development for all staff, and equality of attainment and experience for all students.
  3. To oversee the co-ordination and approval of bids for internal and external funding and to oversee the allocation of funds held by the Division as a result of successful bids.