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  • Interview Transcript

    8 September 2017

  • Exosome switching, a new mechanism in cancer biology

    7 September 2017

    Professor Deborah Goberdhan (Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics) received money from the John Fell Fund to support her work investigating exosome switching. Find out more about Professor Goberdhan's research, and about how it was advanced by the John Fell Fund.

  • Investigating the feasibility of an obstetric surveillance and research system in Assam, India

    7 September 2017

    Dr Manisha Nair and Prof. Marian Knight (Nuffield Department of Population Health) received a grant from the John Fell Fund to support their work in establishing an obstetric research system, based upon a UK model, in Assam, India. Hear Dr. Nair speak about the research, and how the John Fell Fund supported it.

  • Developing world-class human neurophysiological resources at Oxford

    7 September 2017

    Professor Charlie Stagg (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences) discusses how Wellcome ISSF and John Fell Funding allowed her group to establish world-leading neurophysiological resources at Oxford.

  • Establishing the Africa Oxford Initiative

    7 September 2017

    Professor Kevin Marsh (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine) successfully applied to the Wellcome ISSF for a grant to establish the Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx), a platform to encourage collaboration between the University of Oxford and African institutions. Hear more about the initiative from Kevin and Dr Anne Makena, the AfOx Programme Coordinator.

  • Developing a novel dengue vaccine

    7 September 2017

    Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine) was awarded Medical Research Council Confidence in Concept funding for his project to develop a new vaccine against dengue fever. Listen to him speak about his research and experience of funding.

  • Modulating circadian rhythm disruption

    7 September 2017

    Dr Sridhar Vasudevan (Department of Pharmacology) received Medical Research Council Confidence in Concept funding to investigate a series of drugs which could be used to modulate and treat circadian rhythm disorders. He discusses his research, and how this funding enabled him to accelerate his successes.

  • Developing slow-wave activity saturation as a marker of depth of anaesthesia

    7 September 2017

    Dr Katie Warnaby (Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences) received Medical Research Council Confidence in Concept funding to develop a new technique for measuring depth of anaesthesia in patients. She discusses her research, and what she was able to achieve with the funding.

  • Funded Projects

    7 September 2017

    The University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division has a variety of internal funds which it can deploy to support research. Explore projects which have previously received funding from the Wellcome ISSF, John Fell Fund, and MRC Confidence in Concept.

  • MSD Network Drives

    16 July 2018

    All MSD IT Services network accounts come with personal, private storage space on a network drive.