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Oreste Acuto

The biochemical basis of signal initiation and propogation, its fine tuning and stabilization that imparts during phenotypic changes.

Dragana Ahel

SNF2 ATPases in genome stability and cancer

Ivan Ahel

DNA damage response mechanisms

Ahmed Ahmed

Ovarian cancer

Anne Aimola Davies

Neuropsychology of visual and somatosensory attention

Colin Akerman

Synaptic circuit development and plasticity

Bungo Akiyoshi

Evolutionary cell biology of chromosome segregation

Naomi Allen

The role of diet, hormones and circulating biomarkers in cancer development

Brian J Angus

Malaria, HIV and Melioidosis

Olaf Ansorge

Comparative studies of human and murine neuropathology of neurodegeneration

Daniel Anthony

How mediators of the inflammatory response contribute to the outcome of spinal or brain injuries. How events in others organs, such as the liver, contribute to the outcome of brain injury or disease.

Charalambos Antoniades

Crosstalk between adipose tissue and vascular/myocardial redox state in humans: Pharmacological interventions

Nigel Arden

Epidemiology & pathophysiology of osteoarthritis & osteoporosis; clinical trials in common musculoskeletal conditions; Role of vitamin D in musculoskeletal health

Radu Aricescu

Structural biology of synaptic signalling

Jane Armitage

Lipids and the epidemiology of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases including osteoporosis.

Judy Armitage

Flagellar rotation and intracellular signalling pathways controlling bacterial chemotaxis

Miranda Armstrong

Associations between physical activity and various health outcomes in women, as well as childhood physical fitness and nutritional status.

Tal Arnon

Regulation of humoral immune responses by tissue resident macrophages

Jeffrey Aronson

Methods of classifying, detecting, and reporting adverse drug reactions, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and the use of anecdotal reports. Innovation in drug therapy. Monitoring therapy in chronic disease. Pharmacological and therapeutic effects of drugs in diabetes mellitus. Systematic reviews of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic modelling. Mechanistic reasoning in the philosophy of evidence-based medicine. Simple and cheap methods of medical management of toxicological problems in a developing country. Developing a toolkit for patient safety in general practice.

Frances Ashcroft

Ion channels, diabetes and obesity

Houman Ashrafian

Cell and Molecular Biology

Nicholas A Athanasou

All aspects of the physiology and pathology of bone and joint tissues, particularly osteoclast pathobiology

Jon Austyn

Immunobiology of dendritic cells

Paul Aveyard

Behavioural medicine

Tipu Aziz

Functional Neurosurgery

Luis Alberto Baena-Lopez

Cell biology of Caspases in normal and cancer cells

Colin Baigent

Clinical trials, Meta-analysis, Epidemiology and Cardiovascular disease

Alison Banham

Therapeutic antibodies for cancer therapy. Transcriptional deregulation in lymphomagenesis.

Clare Bankhead

My research focuses on diagnosis and monitoring of non-infectious diseases. One strand of my research is investigating symptom profiles and experiences prior to diagnosis, mainly in cancer. Another aspect of my work is methodological and statistical issues of large or routinely collected databases.

David Bannerman

Behavioural Neuroscience

Ellie Barnes

Human Chronic Viruses

Isobel Barnes

Risk of cancer in British South Asians and on the epidemiology of cervical cancer.

Francis Barr

Spatial and temporal control of mitosis and cytokinesisand control of membrane trafficking by Rab GTPases

Hagan Bayley

We are a chemical biology group which focuses on protein chemistry, molecular genetics and biophysics. Much of our work is centered on membrane proteins, in particular channels and pores.

David Beard

Identifying best treatment for knee arthritis sufferers across a broad range of severity and degeneration using kinematics, epidemiology, rehabilitation, outcome assessment, and clinical trials of various interventions for both early and late stage disease

Christian Becker

Endometriosis and ovarian cancer

Esther Becker

Understanding Cerebellar Development and Disease

David Beeson

Molecular Neurosciences

Jo Begbie

Developmental Biology

Timothy Behrens

Neuronal mechanisms of decision-making and measuring brain connections in the living human

Valerie Beral

Cancer Epidemiology and Women's Health

James Berkley

Global childhood infection & immunity

Ben Berks

Bacterial protein transport and bacterial energy metabolism

Angelyn Bethel

Health Evaluative Methodologies

Shoumo Bhattacharya

Cell and Molecular Biology

Phil Biggin

Computational Approaches to Receptor Dynamics and Ligand-Binding

Liz Bikoff

Epigenetic regulators of embryonic development

Dorothy Bishop

Genetics, neurobiology and psychology of children's communication impairments

Sonia Bishop

Identifying neuro-cognitive mechanisms of human anxiety using task-related (associative learning, attentional function, decision making) and task-free (resting state, spectroscopy) MRI methods.

Walter Bodmer

Genetics and Genomics

Rafal Bogacz

Clinical Neurosciences

Gareth Bond

Oxford Ludwig Institute

Jacqueline Boultwood

Molecular pathogenesis of the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), including the 5q- syndrome

Chas Bountra

Structure, function and drug target discovery

Thomas Bowden

Structural biology of cell entry by emerging viral pathogens

Louise Bowman

Cardiovascular disease in diabetes

Paul Bowness

Ankylosing Spondylitis and also the immunology of inflammatory arthritis including the natural role of HLA-B27 in the immune system, the role of HLA-B27 homodimers in disease pathogenesis and immune responses to parvovirus and their role in inflammatory arthritis.

Kathryn Bradbury

The nutritional determinants of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Sven Braeutigam

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and cognitive neuroscience

Holly Bridge

Investigating the normal an abnormal human visual system using magnetic resonance imaging

Neil Brockdorff

Developmental Epigenetics

Peter Brown

Understanding systems level dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease in order to improve therapy

Alastair M Buchan

Acute stroke and Neuroprotection

Veronica Buckle

Cell and Molecular Biology

Keith Buckler

Peripheral chemoreception and the effects of hypoxia, acidosis & ischemia on neuronal function

Noel Buckley

Gene Regulatory Networks

Peter Bull

Immunity to and pathogenesis of Malaria

Susan Bull

Ethics of Genomics and Global Health

Phil Burnet

The molecular neurobiology of D-amino acids and their relevance to schizophrenia

Tom Burns

Socal Psychiatry

Martin Burton

Evidence-based surgery and systematic reviews

Andrew Bushell

Transplantation Research Immunology Group

Chris Butler

Human Memory and its impairment in neurological disease

Christopher Butler

Common infections (especially the appropriate use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance), and health behaviour change (especially motivational interviewing in health care).

Simon Butt

Interneuron development and function

James Byrne

Neurovascular disease

Zameel Cader

The role of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases in neurodegeneration

Marco Capogna

Understanding what circuitry guides emotional-dependent behaviours, and how it is perturbed during animal model of fear and anxiety disorders.

Liz Carpenter

Protein Science and Structural Biology

Andrew J Carr

Surgical treatment of shoulder pain (Randomised Clinical Trials and Patient Reported outcome Measure development); Implant development (Shoulder replacement and Tendon tissue engineering scaffolds).

Carolyn Carr

Stem cell therapy for heart failure

Barbara Casadei

Nitric oxide/redox signalling in health and disease (e.g. myocardial ischaemia, diabetes, heart failure and atrial fibrillation)

Climent Casals-Pascual

A systems approach to malaria

Vincenzo Cerundolo

Vaccination, cancer immunology and NKT cell function

Steven Chance

Neuroanatomy & Cognition in Autism and Alzheimer's disease.

Keith Channon

Nitric oxide and redox signalling in cardiovascular disease

Stephen Chapman

Lung infection and genomics

Zhengming Chen

Kadoorie Biobank Study

Tim Child

Oocyte in-vitro maturation (IVM), IVF, PCOS, reproductive failure, endometriosis, laparoscopy

Robin Choudhury

Integrative Physiology (Systems Biology)

Helen Christian

Mechanisms of steroid hormone regulation of the pituitary gland, in particular the role of Annexin 1.

John Christianson

ER-associated degradation and regulation of the secretory pathway

Grant Churchill

Determinations of cyclic ADP-ribose and NAADP levels. Endogenous synthesis and metabolism of NAADP. Signal transduction pathway underlying NAADP production. Spatial and temporal control of calcium increases by NAADP. Physiological roles of NAADP and lysosome-related calcium-storing organelles. Development of caged and cellpermeant messengers.

Stuart Clare

Ultra-high field MRI physics

David M Clark

Social Anxiety Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Cognitive Processess and Treatments

Kieran Clarke

Understanding the metabolic control of gene expression in heart failure and in the diabetic heart, as well as the use of stem cells to treat the infarcted heart. The effects of diet on energy metabolism in heart, brain and skeletal muscle, and thereby on physical performance and cognitive function.

Robert Clarke

Cardiovascular Risk and Epidemiology

Roi Cohen Kadosh

Neurocognitive mechanisms of mathematics, synaesthesia, and cognitive control; cognitive enhancement.

Martin Cohn

Maintenance of genomic stability and DNA repair in humans

Rory E Collins

Clinical Epidemiology and the UK Biobank

Christodoulides Constantinos

Cell and Molecular Biology

Cyrus Cooper

Developmental influences contributing to the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture in late adulthood, Incidence rates of vertebral fractures, Role of Vitamin D insufficiency in bone mineral accrual in childhood

Zafra Cooper

Eating disorders

Richard Copley

Bioinformatics, Gene Function

Richard, J Cornall

Autoimmunity and Immune Regulation Group

Kevin Coward

Sperm structure and function, egg activation, male factor infertility

Phil Cowen

Pathophysiology, treatment and prevention of mood disorders- neurobiological aspects

Lynne Cox

Replicative senescence: towards an understanding of cellular ageing

Roger Cox

Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

Stephanie Cragg

Understanding dopamine neurotransmission in the basal ganglia and reward-related centres and its dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders and drug addiction.

Catherine Crane

Psychological models and treatment of recurrent depression and suicidality; mindfulness-based approaches to prevention of depression and enhancing well-being

Matthew Craner

Fast-track neuroprotective studies in MS

David Cranston

Renal cancer

Derrick Crook

Infectious Disease

Francesca Crowe

Clinical Epidemiology

Matthew Daniels

Inherited heart disease

Sarah Darby

Cancer Epidemiology

Ben Davies

Transgenic Technology Research Group

Kay E Davies

Molecular analysis of neurological disorders

Ilan Davis

mRNA Localisation in Drosophila

Simon J Davis

T-cell Biology Group

Nick PJ Day

Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

Marella de Bruijn

Hematopoietic stem cell generation during embryonic development

Sarah De Val

Angiogenesis Group

Robert Deacon

Hippocampal and cortical function: cognition, emotionality, species-typical behaviours, motor behaviours. Prion and Alzheimer's Disease, animal models. Mice, rats, animal welfare.

Jonathan Dean

Cell Signalling and Post-Transcriptional Regulation in Inflammation

Grigory Dianov

Biochemistry and Regulation of DNA Repair Group

Tao Dong

Anti-viral T cell response

Peter Donnelly

Statistical Genetics

Kim Dora

Vascular endothelial cell function in health and disease.

Lucy Dorrell

Immune modulation in HIV infection

Keith Dorrington

Cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Hal Drakesmith

Iron and infection

Simon J Draper

Blood-Stage Malaria Vaccine Group

James Dunford

Characterisation of mevalonate pathway enzymes, putative pyrophosphate transport protein ANKH & molecular pharmacology

Michael Dunn

The ethics and law of health care, social care and research

David Dupret

Neuronal dynamics in the hippocampus and related circuits during the formation of spatio-contextual memories and the expression of adaptive behaviours.

Omer Dushek

Systems Biology of Lymphocyte Signaling

Mike Dustin

The immunological synapse and integrating this into the 3D tissue context

Raymond Dwek

Glycobiology, proteomics, antivirals

Klaus Ebmeier

Neurobiology of Ageing and psychological disorders in old age

Claire Edwards

Research interests are focused upon the pathogenesis of cancer-induced bone disease, including the contributions of the host bone marrow microenvironment and the role of obesity, adipocytes and adipokines

James Edwards

Ageing process and musculoskeletal degeneration

Christian Eggeling


Anke Ehlers

Anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress disorder

Samir El Andaloussi

Development of delivery vectors for therapeutic nucleic acids and proteins

Elma Tchilian


Jonathan Emberson

The causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease, with a particular emphasis on large-scale individual participant meta-analyses of both observational and randomised studies.

Nigel Emptage

Basic synaptic transmission. Synaptic plasticity. Intracellular calcium signalling in the specializations of central synapses.

Mike English

Improving delivery of evidence based care for severely ill children

Fumiko Esashi

Regulation of DNA repair by cell cycle regulators

Robert M Esnouf

Bioinformatics of protein structures

Jeremy Fairbank

Effectiveness of different treatments for degenerative diseases of the spine; understanding the processes underlying back pain and scoliosis

Christopher Fairburn

Eating disorders

Paul Fairchild

Exploiting induced pluripotency for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy

Andrew Farmer

Much of the research that Professor Farmer has recently led or collaborated on aims to improve the effectiveness of tests and treatments for people with diabetes, for example the use of telehealth to support self-management in diabetes, although recent trials also include evaluation of telehealth support for people with COPD, and use of text messaging to support treatment adherence in hypertension.

Andrew Farmery

Mathematical modelling of gas exchange in the diseased lung. Development of novel technologies in clinical monitoring.

Martin Farrall

The molecular basis and population genetics of multifactorial cardiovascular disease and associated quantitiative (intermediate) phenotypes

Jeremy Farrar

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Viet Nam

Seena Fazel

Risk factors for violent crime in severe mental illness

Stuart Ferguson

Structure function and biogenesis of bacterial respiratory proteins

Panagis Filippakopoulos

Protein Science and Structural Biology

Ray Fitzpatrick

Evaluation of health services and the use of evidence from patient reported outcomes and measures of health status and patient experience.

Jonathan Flint

Psychiatric Genetics

Sarah Floud

How social support factors might affect cardiovascular outcomes in the Million Women Study cohort

Ervin Fodor

Influenza virus replication at the molecular level.

Charlie Foster

Physical activity and obesity

Russell Foster

My research interests span both visual and circadian neurobiology with the main focus on the mechanisms whereby light regulates vertebrate circadian rhythms.

Elaine Fox

My work focuses on the nature of human emotions and why people react so differently to the good and the bad things in life.

John Frater

HIV Infection

Daniel Freeman

The cognitive understanding and treatment of delusions and hallucinations

Matthew Freeman

Cell biology of signalling in development and disease

Peter Friend

Isolated organ perfusion and preservation. Clinical trials of novel Immunosuppression.

Lars Fugger

Multiple sclerosis

Tudor Fulga

Non-coding RNAs in development and disease

Andre Furger

Control of gene expression in eukaryotes

Antony Galione

Regulation of intracellular channels Calcium-mobilising second messengers, Cyclic ADP-ribose and NAADP as second messengers, Organization of intracellular Ca2+ signals, Molecular characterization of novel calcium release channels, Molecular signaling at fertilization, Stimulus-secretion coupling in exocrine and endocrine pancreas, Excitation-contraction coupling in striated and smooth muscle, Role of acidic calcium stores in calcium signaling.

Chris Garland

Pharmacology of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells

Elspeth Garman

Radiation damage in X-ray crystallography and elemental analysis of proteins

Kevin Gatter

Angiogenesis, non angiogenesis, molecular analysis, gene expression profile, lung cancer

John Geddes

Evidence-based mental health

Richard Gibbons

Chromatin remodelling factors in human disease

Robert JC Gilbert

Ribosomes, membrane and pore-forming proteins, viruses

Sarah C Gilbert

Vaccine Development

Opher Gileadi

Biotechnology and Genome Integrity

Matthew Giles

Transient ischaemic attack and minor stroke

Deborah Gill

Gene Therapy for Lung diseases

Richie H Gill

Development, diagnosis and treatment of joint disease using image processing, mechanical testing, mathematical modelling, computer simulation, finite element analysis, motion analysis, computer science and statistical modelling combined with clinical and biological studies

Geraldine Gillespie

The molecular and epigenetic biology of NK cells

Maike Glitsch

Transduction cascades involved in cerebellar signalling in health and disease, transduction pathways (G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels)

Anna L Gloyn

The genetics and functional biology of Type-2 diabetes & related traits

Eva Gluenz

Cell biology of Leishmania; role of the flagellum in host-parasite interactions

Sion Glyn-Jones

Mechanics of hip osteoarthritis, mechanisms of bearing surface wear and prosthesis failure & clinical and radiostereometric studies to evaluate new designs of hip arthroplasty

Deborah Goberdhan

Growth Regulation and Cancer: mTORC1, Exosomes and Cellular Amino Acid Sensing

Colin, R Goding

Cancer, development and stem cell biology

Michael Goldacre

Study of long-term time trends, geographical variation, and the co-occurrence of different diseases in the same individuals.

Guy Goodwin

The neurobiology and treatment of mood disorders

Stephen Goodwin

Form, function and evolution of the neural circuitry underlying sexual behaviour.

Stephen Gough

Genetics and Genomics

Philip Goulder

Paediatric HIV T cell immunology

Alastair Gray

Health economics

David Greaves

Inflammation Biology

Alexander Green

Investigation of autonomic function and pain physiology in human patients undergoing deep brain stimulation

Jonathan M Grimes

dsRNA viruses

Natalia Gromak

Regulation of RNA metabolism in health and disease.

Ulrike Gruneberg

Mechanisms regulating mitotic progression

Kay Grunewald

Structural cell biology of virus infection

Keith Gull

Aspects of the pathogenicity of African trypanosomes and inherited ciliary diseases of humans.

Monica Gullerova

Transcriptional gene silencing and its implication in human pathology

Stephanie Halford

My research focuses on two main areas; the identification of candidate genes for retinal degeneration and the identification and characterization of non-visual opsins.

Alison Halliday

Large Clinical Trials investigating carotid artery interventions to prevent stroke Carotid Surgery Audit

Freddie Hamdy

Management of urological malignancies, in particular, prostate and bladder cancer.

Ester Hammond

DNA damage response to the tumour micro-environment

Ashok Handa

Vascular Surgery and patient safety

Penny Handford

cbEGF containing proteins in health and disease

Linda Hands

Vascular surgery and telemedicine

Tomas Hanke

HIV-1 Vaccine Development Group

Mark Hankins

Light dependent signalling in the retina and brain, including visual and non-visual light detection.

Catherine Harmer

Psychopharmacology of emotional disorders and treatments

Anthony Harnden

My clinical and research interests are in primary care paediatrics, specifically common childhood infection, vaccine preventable infection, the early diagnosis of serious disease and clinical trials in children.

Adrian Harris

Tumour angiogenesis and the role of notch signalling, and hypoxia biology and its regulation.

Paul Harrison

Genetic and translational neurobiology of schizophrenia

Bass Hassan

Molecular and functional aspects of tumour growth, and how the molecules that control growth can be targeted for application to human cancer therapy.

Keith Hawton

Psychological and psychiatric aspects of medical illness and practice

Lisa Heather

Metabolism and function in the Diabetic and Infarcted Heart

Andreas Heger

Computational Genomics and NGS analysis

Carl Heneghan

My research projects involve investigating the evidence base for publication bias and drug and device regulation. I also work on a number of projects with the BMJ related to the regulatory and evidence requirements for devices.

Miles Hewstone

Social Psychology

Matt Higgins

Structural studies of the malaria parasite

Doug Higgs

The regulation of gene expression during erythropoiesis

Adrian VS Hill

Jenner Institute / Infectious Diseases / Malaria Vaccine Trials

Ling-Pei Ho

The immunology of respiratory infections

Richard Hobbs

My research interests focus on cardiovascular epidemiology and clinical trials, especially relating to vascular and stroke risk, and heart failure. See my full biography at

Jonathan Hodgkin

Genetics of nematode immunity and development

Leanne Hodson

Integrative Physiology (Systems Biology)

Georg Hollander

The Immunobiology of the Thymus and the T cell System

Jennifer Hollowell

Maternal health/intrapartum care and inequalities in infant mortality

Rury R Holman

Diabetes Trials Unit (DTU)

Chris Holmes

Genetic Epidemiology

Emily Holmes

Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Therapy: Understanding mental imagery from PTSD flashbacks to Bipolar Disorder

Tim Holt

My research addresses the practical challenges of delivering evidence based primary health care in the modern NHS environment. I am particularly interested in the potential of routinely collected data to influence practice at the point of care, through innovative tools including software interventions.

Peter Horby

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Viet Nam

Nicole Horwood

Osteoimmunology: Bone and immune cell interactions in autoimmune disorders and bone cancers.

Mark Howarth

Bionanotechnology and its application to Cancer

Michele Hu

Understanding the early pathological pathways to Parkinson’s disease

Juha Huiskonen

Protein Science and Structural Biology

Philippa Hulley

Exploring survival and differentiation control pathways in skeletal cells. Research is directed towards understanding disease pathology and devising effective regenerative strategies

Tim Humphrey

Understanding how genome stability is maintained in response to DNA double-strand breaks.

Glynn Humphreys

The neuropsychology of vision and action - lesion-symptom mapping, fMRI and experimental studies. The effects of learning on binding (fMRI, TMS, neuropsychology). Social cognitive neuroscience (self-related prioritisation - TMS, fMRI, neuropsychology).

Masud Husain

Motivation and decision-making in brain disorders

Stephen Hyde

Gene Therapy for Lung diseases

Fadi Issa

Rejection and tolerance in VCA and skin transplantation

Yoshifumi Itoh

The mechanism of cell invasion process in tissue degenerative diseases

David G Jackson

Lymphatics and cell trafficking

Sten Eirik Jacobsen

Delineation of cellular and molecular pathways of normal and leukemic haematopoietic stem cell fate decisions

William James

HIV-Macrophage interactions and stem cell technology

Kassim Javaid

Epidemiology & pathophysiology of osteoarthritis & osteoporosis; clinical trials in common musculoskeletal conditions; Role of vitamin D in musculoskeletal health

Saad Jbabdi

Development of mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of brain imaging data

Susan Jebb

I am a nutrition scientist and my research interests are focused on how what we eat affects the risk of gaining weight or becoming obese and the interventions that might be effective to help people lose weight or reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases. I have also conducted a series of randomised controlled trials to study the impact of dietary changes on the risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Crispin Jenkinson

Patient reported outcomes and health status measurement, the evaluation of patient experiences of medical care, and methodology

Mark Jenkinson

Development of mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of brain imaging data

Peter Jezzard

Development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methodology and applications to biomedicine.

Heidi Johansen-Berg

Neuroimaging and brain stimulation to study learning and recovery of function

Paul Johnson

Optimising human islet isolation, and understanding normal pancreatic development and islet neogenesis.

E. Yvonne Jones

Receptor Structure Research Group

Achillefs Kapanidis

Single molecule biophysics

Fredrik Karpe

Oxford Laboratory for Integrative Physiology (Oxlip)

Jane Kaye

Relationships between law, ethics and the emerging technologies in health including genomics.

Dominic Kelly

Paediatric vaccine immunology with particular interest in B-cell responses. Epidemiology of invasive bacterial disease and pneumonia in childhood.

James Kennedy

Geratology and Stroke Medicine

Stephen Kennedy

Women's health

David Kerr

Genetics and Genomics

Benedikt M Kessler

Ubiquitin Proteolysis Group

Tim Key

Cancer Epidemiology Unit

Anne Kiltie

The focus of my lab is the investigation of DNA damage signalling and DNA repair as they relate to the aetiology of bladder cancer and its response to radiotherapy and combined modality treatments.

Andrew King

Behavioural, electrophysiological, imaging and optogenetic approaches, to study auditory and multisensory processing in the brain

Colin Kleanthous

Protein-protein interactions in bacterial cell signalling and protein import

Paul Klenerman

Antiviral immunity

Rob Klose

Epigenetic regulation of chromatin function

Stephan Knapp

Phosphorylation Dependent Signalling Biology Group

Julian C Knight

Functional genomics of inflammation and immunity

Marian Knight

Maternal and child population health

Samantha JL Knight

Gene Expression, indels and genome instablity

Helen Knowles

Cellular & molecular mechanisms driving hypoxic amplification of osteoclastic bone resorption & identifying pathways regulating pathological bone resorption in rheumatoid arthritis

Michael Kohl

Encoding information in neural circuits

Skirmantas Kriaucionis

Epigenetic Mechanisms

Morten Kringelbach

Pleasure networks in the human brain

Kristine Krug

The neural basis of visual perception and decision-making.

Jenny Kurinczuk

Perinatal epidemiology.

Dominic Kwiatkowski

Genomics and Global Health

Nick La Thangue

Cancer Biology

Nick Lakin

Detection, Signalling and Repair of DNA Damage

Sallie Lamb

Trauma Rehabilitation

Karri Lamsa

Inhibitory circuit dynamics in health and disease

Martin J Landray

Clinical Trial Service Unit

Bethan Lang

Autoantibodies in neurological diseases

Daniel Lasserson

My research looks at ways to reduce cardiovascular events in general practice. This is important because stroke and heart disease are the commonest causes of death and chronic disease burden. My research projects are in two major areas – stroke prevention and chronic kidney disease.

Jennifer Lau

Child and Adolescent Mood and Anxiety Problems

Susan Lea

Host-pathogen interactions including the Complement system, bacterial adhesion, type III and tat secretion systems.

Jose Leal

The use of expert opinion to inform decision models, evidence synthesis frameworks in economic evaluation and individual patient level modelling.

Simon Leedham

Homeostatic cell-signaling pathways that control intestinal stem cells and the dysregulation of these pathways in carcinogenesis.

Paul Leeson

Cardiovascular Imaging and Early Development of Cardiovascular Disease

Ming Lei

Cardiac Signalling

Belinda Lennox

The causes and treatment of psychotic illness.

Petros Ligoxygakis

Drosophila as a model to study innate immunity

Cecilia Lindgren

The genetics of obesity

Ji-Long Liu

Metabolic cell biology: CTP synthase, Cytoophidia, Cancer biology and CRISPR

Louise Locock

Interested in projects using qualitative research methods to understand health and illness experiences, and the use of these experiences to develop more patient-centred policy and practice, including service improvement and commissioning decisions. Current D Phils I am supervising focus on patient-centred care, use of personal health narratives for peer support and understanding healthy lifestyle choices.

Simon Lovestone

Secondary prevention of dementia

Xin Lu

Tumour Supression

Kerstin Luhn

Immune regulation and innate immune responses in Dengue and other viral infections

Raashid Luqmani

Assessment and biology of systemic vasculitis

Valentine Macaulay

Understand the role of IGF signalling in tumour biology, and exploiting this information in cancer therapy.

Clare Mackay

Using imaging to study psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases

Robert MacLaren


Peter Magill

Parkinson's disease. Interactions within and between the basal ganglia and thalamocortical circuits in function and dysfunction

Louis Mahadevan

Kinase cascades targeted to transcription factors and nucleosomal proteins involved in gene induction

Kamal R. Mahtani

My research primarily focuses on chronic disease, specifically in the areas of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal medicine. I am also interested in novel interventions to improve chronic disease management.

Martin Maiden

The interaction of molecular epidemiology, population biology and public health for bacterial pathogens

Julie Makani

Tropical Medicine & Global Health and Genetics & Genomics

Kevin Maloy

Host-pathogen interactions in the intestine and their impact on intestinal inflammation

Erika J Mancini

Chromatin Remodeling and Transcriptional Regulation

Jonathan Marchini

Statistical and Computational Genetics

Ana Marques

Molecular mechanism of noncoding RNA function and contribution to disease

Brian Marsden

Protein Science and Structural Biology

Kevin Marsh

KEMRI Wellcome Collaborative Research programme

Maryanne Martin

Individual differences, psychosomatic illness, anxiety, economic decision making, cognitive processing, and handedness.

Mark McCarthy

The Genetics of Type-2 Diabetes & Related Traits

Peter McCulloch

Quality and safety interventions in surgery

Emily McFadden

I’ve recently been working on an HTA project on optimal strategies for monitoring lipid levels in patients at risk or with cardiovascular disease. 

Paul McGale

Medical statistics. Case-control and cohort studies of side-effects of radiotherapy for breast cancer, meta-analyses of randomised trials of treatments for breast cancer.

Rose McGready

Malaria in pregnancy

Peter McHugh

Repair of DNA interstrand cross-links and replication fork damage

Gillies McKenna

Molecular Resistance to Treatments

Sylvia McLain

Structural and dynamical investigations of peptides, lipids and membranes from the atomic scale to the nanoscale

Richard McManus

My research interests include cardiovascular disease and its prevention, particularly the management of hypertension in primary care. I currently lead programmes of research around self-monitoring of blood pressure in both hypertension and pregnancy and welcome students wishing to base projects in these areas.

Andrew J McMichael

Antiviral Immunity, HIV

Helen McShane

Cellular Immunology and Vaccine Development

Gil McVean

Population and Evolutionary Genetics

Enda McVeigh

Infertility and laparoscopic surgery with a special interest in endometriosis

Adam Mead

Leukaemia Stem Cell Biology

Jane Mellor

Chromatin remodeling and gene regulation in simple eukaryotes

Kim Midwood

'The Danger Theory: understanding how the extracellular matrix controls immunity

Gero Miesenboeck

Our interests lie at the interface between cellular and systems neuroscience: we aim to understand how excitable cells are arranged into functional circuits, and how the operation of these circuits informs behaviour.

Karla Miller

Development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques for brain imaging

Iona Millwood

The genetic and molecular epidemiology of cardiometabolic diseases, and the health effects of alcohol consumption.

Liliana Minichiello

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Kalim Mir


David R Mole

Oxygen Sensing Group

Zoltan Molnar

Cerebral cortical development.

Claudia Monaco

What is the best way to target inflammation in atherosclerosis?

Andrew P Morris

Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology Unit

Karl Morten

Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Therapeutics & Nanomedicine

Richard F Mott


Chris Murphy

Transcriptional, microRNA and epigenetic regulation of cartilage; Cartilage repair and stem cells

Michael Murphy

Childhood Cancer Research

Robin Murphy

Learning, Memory and Cognition

Shona Murphy

Regulation of expression of human genes.

David Murray

Biomechanical and clinical studies related to the knee and hip; biomechanical studies use anatomical, computer modelling, gait analysis and x-ray techniques to study normal, diseased and replaced joints; knee kinematics; methods to predict and prevent failure in joint replacements; Patient-based scores; development of new implants and surgical techniques

Ruth Muschel

Mechanisms of Metastasis

Simon Myers

Recombination and Statistical Genetics

Saul Myerson

The use of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance to guide prognosis and clinical management in cardiac valve disease

Jagdeep Nanchahal

Developing therapies for fibrosis and accelerating fracture healing

Kim Nasmyth

Chromosome Segregation During Mitosis and Meiosis

Kate Nation

Development & Disorders

Claus Nerlov

Hematopoietic stem cell maintenance and fate specification

Stefan Neubauer

Cardiac Energy Metabolism in Ischaemia and Heart Failure

Chris I Newbold

Molecular Parasitology, Malaria

Simon Newstead

Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Proteins

Charles Newton

Neurodevelopmental Disorders, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Epilepsy and Sickle Cell Disease

Paul Newton

Infectious Disease and Nutrition in Laos

Conrad Nieduszynski

DNA replication and genome stability

Wojciech Niedzwiedz

DNA Replication and Repair

Janine Bijsterbosch

Task free functional connectivity biomarker of anxiety and depression

Kia (Anna Christina) Nobre

Neural systems and mechanisms for adaptive dynamic regulation of cognition in the human brain

Chris Norbury

Studying the involvement of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in cancer cell biology

Francois H Nosten

Shoklo Malaria research Unit

Bela Novak

Dynamics of molecular regulatory networks

Chris A O'Callaghan

Innate Immunity

Graham S Ogg

Cutaneous Immunology, Allergy, Dermatology, Viral infections and the skin, Innate and adaptive immune responses, Role of epithelium in immunity.

Peter Oliver

New mechanisms that protect against oxidative stress in neurons

Eric O'Neill

Cell signalling, stem cells and cancer stem-like cells.

Udo Oppermann

Production, purification, functional characterization and structure determination of human metabolic enzymes of medical interest

Katharine Owen

Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes & Monogenic Diabetes

Ray Owens

Development and application of high throughput methods for molecular biology, protein purification and protein crystallization.

Jacqueline Palace

1. Clinical imaging research: neuroinflammatory disease (eg multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica. 2. Clinical neuroimmunology: neuroinflammatory (eg ms) and antibody mediated neurological diseases eg myasthenia gravis and neuromyelitis optica? 3. Assessing utility of potential drugs for treatment of patients with abnormal AChR ion channel kinetics. 4. Neuro-ophthalmology: neuroinflammatory diseases (eg ms and neuromyelitis optica). 5. Neuro-genetics: neuroinflammatory conditions and diseases of the neuromuscular junction (eg myasthenia gravis). 6. Epidemiology of multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica. 7. Clinical Chemistry: biomarkers of neuroinflammatory disease

Hemant Pandit

Assessment of knee kinematics, unicompartmental knee replacements (UKRs), metal-on-metal hip resurfacings, outcome assessment, and clinical trials of various interventions for OA.

Aris Papageorghiou

Maternal health, fetal growth, preterm delivery and newborn nutritional status

Anant Parekh

Intracellular calcium signalling in health and disease

Rebecca Park

Social cognitive, emotional and reward processes in eating disorders

Andrew Parker

Neural systems and circuits for visual perception

Michael Parker

Ethics of collaborative global health research.

Brian Parkinson

Social Psychology

John Parrington

Molecular basis of egg activation. Role of phospholipase C enzymes in sperm. Calcium signalling and early embryogenesis. In vivo gene transfer into the testis and sperm. Identification and characterisation of the NAADP receptor. Molecular components of calcium signalling in sea urchin gametes.

David Paterson

Cardiac neurobiology

Roger Patient

Blood and cardiovascular development, with a particular focus on stem cells. Transcriptional network assembly in response to embryonic signals. Xenopus and zebrafish models.

Kyle Pattinson

Functional MRI of Respiratory Control

Catherine Pears

The role of kinases in the choice of cell fate

Stuart Peirson

Circadian and Visual Neuroscience

Rafael Perera

Monitoring long term conditions, meta-analysis methods, methodology for studying infectious diseases in children, and assessing complex interventions

Michele Peters

Using and developing patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and carer measures, and investigating patients’ and carers’ experiences of health care services

Richard Peto

Clinical Trial Service Unit

Francesco Pezzella

Angiogenesis, non angiogenesis, molecular analysis, gene expression profile, lung cancer

Rodney E Phillips

Antiviral Immunity, HIV

Fran Platt

Glycosphingolipids in health and disease

Rutger Ploeg

Clinical, translational & experimental research in organ donation and transplantation

Kim Plunkett

Linguistics & Cognitive Development

Andrew Pollard

Adult and Paediatric Vaccinology and Paediatric Infection and Immunity

Patrick Pollard

Cell and Molecular Biology

Catherine Porcher

Transcriptional control of haemopoietic stem cell specification and differentiation

Mason A Porter

Statistical and nonlinear physics and their application to the physical, engineering, social, and biological sciences

Joanna Poulton

Mitochondrial Genetics

Fiona Powrie

Mucosal immunology

Andrew Price

Basic science and clinical programme of research in the understanding of cartilage damage, early arthritis and biological repair processes; clinical trials to study treatment of osteoarthritis in cartilage damage

Richard Price

Infectous Disease, Malaria

Nicholas Proudfoot

Interconnecting transcription and RNA processing in eukaryotes

Chris W Pugh

The Nephrology Oxygen Sensing Group

Maria Quigley

Maternal and child health research

Terence Rabbitts

Modelling consequences of chromosomal translocations in cancer and methods for protein-protein interaction inhibitor development

Jordan Raff

Centrioles and centrosome function

Ioannis Ragoussis

Genomics: MicroRNAs in Disease

Kazem Rahimi

Clinical trials and health services research

Najib Rahman

Pleural disease

Reshma Ramracheya

Cell and Molecular Biology

Peter J Ratcliffe

Hypoxia Biology Group

Mike Rayner

The burden of cardiovascular disease and the promotion of healthier diets and increased levels of physical activity

Christina Redfield

NMR studies of protein structure, function, folding and dynamics

Christopher Redman

Pathogenesis, detection, prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia

Charles Redwood

Regulation on cardiac and skeletal muscle contractility

Jan Rehwinkel

Nucleic acid sensing by innate immune receptors

Paul Riley

Cardiovascular development, repair and regeneration

Oliver Rivero-Arias

The evaluation of cost-effectiveness methodology and the conduct of applied economic studies in the perinatal and maternal health area

Peter Robbins

Human Physiology: Effects of hypoxia and exercise on respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic function

David Roberts

Erythropoiesis / Regulatory T cells in Bone Marrow Transplantation / Malaria Pathogenesis

Irene Roberts

The impact of trisomy 21 on haematopoiesis and leukaemia susceptibility.

Elizabeth Robertson

Cell interactions underlying mammalian development and immune recognition.

Carol Robinson

Use of mass spectrometry to probe large intact protein assemblies

Matthew Robson

Cardiac MRI technique development; High and ultra-high field Cardiac MRI, High and ultra-high field Cardiac MRS

Patrik Rorsman

Diabetes, Insulin secretion

Peter Rothwell

Stroke Prevention Research Unit

Sarah L Rowland-Jones

Immunity to HIV infection

Matthew Rushworth

Neural mechanisms of decision making and action selection

Angela Russell

Medicinal Chemistry

Anderson Ryan

Lung cancer translational science

Sara Ryan

My research interests are around disability (particularly learning disability and autism), qualitative research and health experiences. I'm also interested in exploring ways of including people who are 'seldom heard' in research.

Afsie Sabokbar

Cellular mechanisms involved in the patho-physiology of various osteolytic diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic loosening, Paget's disease, cancer-induced bone metastases and Charcot neuro-arthropathy

Mark Sansom

Ion channels and membrane proteins - simulations, modelling & bioinformatics

Ian Sargent

Pre-eclampsia, Oxford Pregnancy Biobank, cellular micro and nanoparticles in pre-eclampsia, reproductive immunology, human embryo development

Quentin Sattentau

Retroviral Immunology

Tatjana Sauka-Spengler

Genetics and Genomics

Peter Scarborough

Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors in the United Kingdom

Gaia Scerif

Attention, Brain & Cognitive Development

Jurgen Schneider

Development of fast cardiac MRI techniques at ultra-high fields

Jason Schnell

Structure and regulation of ion channels and membrane-bound receptors

Jan Schnupp

The neural basis of auditory perception.

Anna Schuh

Genetics and Genomics

Elena Seiradake

Molecular mechanisms in the nervous and vascular systems

Len Seymour

Medicinal Virology

Ricky Sharma

Translation of biochemical knowledge of DNA adducts and excision repair to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Trevor Sharp

Pharmacology and physiology of brain 5-HT neurones. Neuroadaptive processes associated with antidepressant treatment. Development of pharmacological strategies to improve the treatment of mood disorder.

Michael Sharpe

Psychological and psychiatric aspects of medical illness and practice

Sasha Shepperd

Evaluation of complex interventions and knowledge translation.

David Sherratt

Our research is aimed at understanding how DNA replication, recombination and chromosome segregation shape bacterial chromosome organization in the context of the living cell.

Nicola Sibson

Imaging the microenvironment in brain metastasis

Christian Siebold

Hedgehog Signalling Group

Alison Simmons

Innate immunity in infectious and inflammatory disease

Katja Simon

Cell death and Autophagy in the Immune and Hematopoietic System

Rebecca Sitsapesan

Intracellularly located ion-channels, particularly those that are involved in the control and regulation of Ca2+-release from intracellular stores in cardiac muscle.

Rebeccah Slater

Paediatric Neuroscience: understanding the development of pain perception in human infants

Nicola Smart

Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Stephen Smith

Development of mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of brain imaging data

Hannah Smithson

Vision Science

Sarah Snelling

Role of Dickkopf-3 in the homeostasis and catabolism of cartilage in OA

Bob W Snow

Malaria Public Health & Epidemiology Group

Charles Spence

Applied cognitive psychology, Consumer psychology, Sensory marketing, Multisensory perception

Chris Spencer

Genetics and susceptibility to disease; using genetics to improve health and healthcare

Shankar Srinivas

Morphogenetic cell movements during development

Alan Stein

The development and mental health of children facing physical and psychological adversity

Mark Stokes

The role of selective attention in perception, working memory and flexible decision-making and how these core cognitive functions are integrated for goal-directed adaptive behaviour.

John Stradling

Obstructive sleep apnoea

Simon Stringer

Theoretical neuroscience and artificial intelligence

David Stuart

Viruses, Viral proteins and Cell surface receptors

Peter Sullivan

Nutrition and neurodevelopment in Cerebral Plasy

Christopher Summerfield

Neural and computational bases of human decision-making

Pawel Swietach

Myocardial Biology and Integrated Physiology

Francis Szele

Adult brain stem cells: from mechanisms to disease

David Taggart

Clinical trials, particularly related to CABG including use of arteries, CABG without the bypass machine and a new stent for vein grafts

Kevin Talbot

Motor Neuron Diseases

Paolo Tammaro

Determining the molecular mechanisms that underlie the function of vascular ion channels and identifying new ion channel targets and specific drug compounds with the goal of modulating blood vessel function for therapeutic benefit.

Christoph Tang

Pathogenesis and Prevention of Bacterial Meningitis

Madalena Tarsounas

How homologous recombination (HR), the major error-free pathway for DNA repair in mammalian cells, regulates telomeres and acts to prevent genomic instability, the underlying mechanism of many cancers.

Carolyn Taylor

The late effects of cancer treatments

Derek Terrar

Influence of drugs on cardiac muscle contraction (including the possible role of cyclic ADP ribose and related substances on excitation-contraction coupling) Pacemaker mechanisms and their regulation in the sino-atrial node Mechanisms of action of drugs used to treat cardiac arrhythmias (with particular reference to potassium channels and their cellular regulation) Mechanisms by which general anaesthetics exert harmful effects on the heart.

Rajesh V Thakker

Molecular basis of endocrine and renal tubular disorders

Ian Tomlinson

Molecular and Population Genetics of Cancer

Alain R Townsend

Iron Metabolism and Immunology

Irene Tracey

1. Understanding the neural basis of pain perception and analgesia 2. Understanding the neural basis of consciousness

Ruth Travis

Clinical Epidemiology

Linda Troeberg

Identifying mechanisms regulating turnover of the extracellular matrix, with a view to developing therapies for degradative diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Stephen Tucker

Ion channel structure and function

Elizabeth Tunbridge

The role of catechol-O-methyltransferase in normal brain function and its dysfunction in psychiatric disorders.

Martin Turner

Biomarkers and pathogenesis in motor neuron disease (ALS)

Damian Tyler

Development and Application of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

Irina Udalova

Genomic and epigenetic control of inflammation: identification of key master regulators

Holm Uhlig

Mucosal Immunity and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Ioannis Vakonakis

Structural studies of large assemblies in malaria cytoadherence and centriole duplication

Katherine Vallis

Development of novel anti-cancer radiopharmaceuticals.

Ann Van den Bruel

My research focuses on diagnostic tests. Diagnostic tests help doctors to identify illnesses and other conditions so that patients may be treated or given a prognosis about the course of the illness.

Anton van der Merwe

Molecular analysis of leucocyte recognition

Lidia Vasilieva

Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes

Manu Vatish

Senior Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Richard Vaughan-Jones

Intracellular pH in heart: regulation and function

David Vaux

Protein modifications in the pathogenesis of human disease

Jose Villar

NTERGROWTH-21st Project Fetal and neonatal growth

Angela Vincent

Identification and investigation of autoantibodies to muscle and neuronal proteins in neurological diseases of adults and children

Tonia Vincent

Molecular Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis

Mara Violato

(Child) Health inequalities, health econometrics, economic evaluations in various disease areas, economic aspects of perinatal and paediatric care, health care utilisation and costs, and ethnicity and health

Tim Vogels

Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

Boris Vojnovic

Development of instrumentation to address specific biological hypotheses, primarily involving imaging and image processing.

Emanuela Volpi

Molecular Cytogenetics

Frank von Delft


Paresh Vyas

Normal and Leukaemic stem/progenitor cell biology

Vladyslav Vyazovskiy

Investigating mechanisms and physiological significance of cortical network activity during waking and sleep using in vivo rodent models

Scott Waddell

Neural Mechanisms of Memory, Motivation and Behavioural Control

Richard Wade-Martins

Understanding molecular mechanisms of age-related neurodegenerative diseases to generate novel molecular therapies

George Wadhams

In vivo quantitative analysis of natural and synthetic bacterial signalling pathways

Mark Wallace

Understanding the assembly and function of membrane-proteins using techniques capable of observing individual molecules

Robin Walters

The development of novel methodologies for the identification and analysis of genomic structural variants.

Mark Walton

Neuropsychology and neurochemistry of decision making

Kay Wang

My current areas of research interest are acute respiratory tract infections, postinfectious cough and management of respiratory complaints at the primary/secondary care interface. 

Hugh Watkins

Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology of the Heart Muscle Disease/Molecular Genetics of Complex Cardiovascular Phenotypes

Kate Watkins

Sensorimotor networks underlying speech production and perception; Stuttering; Developmental disorders of speech and language; brain imaging, brain stimulation. Development and plasticity.

Suzanne Watt

Improving bone marrow transplants- through better engraftment / Stem/progenitor cell expansion and reprogramming / Revascularising tissues for tissue repair

Anthony Watts

Resolving structural details of membrane peptides and proteins at high resolution

Caleb Webber

Computational Disease Genomics and Networks

Premila Webster

Urbanisation and chronic disease and Global Health

Dagan Wells

Molecular genetic processes underlying gametogenesis and preimplantation development

Matthew Whitby

Genetic recombination and DNA repair in eukaryotes

Nicholas J White

Tropical Medicine, Infectious Disease and Drug Discovery

Andrew Wilkie

Skulls, limbs, and sperm: common themes in malformation

Robert Wilkins

Membrane transport in cartilage and cancer cells

Keith Willett

Care of pateinets with multiple trauma fractures, mainly studying fractures in the elderly, limb fracture surgery, fracture biomechanics, accident prevention and clinical outcome studies of orthopaedic trauma surgery techniques

Richard Williams

Targeting disease pathways in rheumatoid arthritis

Suzannah Willliams

The role of the oocyte in regulating fertility

Bridget Wills

Tropical Medicine

Clive Wilson

Regulation of Cell Growth, Secretion, Exosomes and Metabolism in Normal and Cancer Cells – the Prostate and Beyond

Jane Wolstenholme

Designing and conducting economic evaluations alongside trials and cost-effectiveness models.

Kathryn Wood

Transplant rejection and tolerance

Matthew Wood

Nucleic Acid Gene Therapy in Brain and Muscle

Mark Woodward

Statistics and Epidemiology

Alison Woollard

Molecular mechanisms controlling cell fate determination and cell proliferation during C. elegans development

Mark Woolrich

Development of mathematical and computational tools for the analysis of brain imaging data

Paul Wordsworth

Genetics of inflammatory arthritis e.g. rheumatoid arthritis & ankylosing spondylitis; heritable disorders of the skeleton &soft tissues, inflammatory arthritis and auto immune connective tissue diseases

Mark Wormald

NMR studies of oligosaccharides and glycoprotein conformation and dynamics

Ling Yang

Women’s reproductive health, environmental causes of chronic diseases, especially cancer, based on big cohort studies, and evidence-based medicine using national survey data to provide strategies for chronic disease prevention and control in developing countries.

Christopher Yau

Computational statistical methods for applications in genetics and genomics

Nicholas Yeung

Human cognitive neuroscience: attention and control; decision making and learning

Wyatt Yue

Protein Science and Structural Biology

Manuela Zaccolo

Intracellular signal transduction by cyclic nucleotides. Mechanisms, regulation, signalling networks and role in disease.

Sue Ziebland

Sue is a medical sociologist with particular interest in how people use the internet in relation to their health. While specialising in qualitative research she also has an interest in mixed methods studies

Nicole Zitzmann

Hepatitis - Development of Antiviral Strategies

Krina Zondervan

Genetic and environmental background of endometriosis and related conditions